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What is art therapy?

Art-making stimulates a different part of the brain than the language center focused on by traditional talk therapy. Images lead to a variety of insights and representations of the inner world. The best part, you don't have to consider yourself a talented artist to benefit from art therapy. The therapy focuses on the process, not the product.

Examples of Art Created From Therapeutic Directives


  • Bad Day Monster
  • Strength Tree
  • Positive Mantra

All images created by the Colleen Jordan, LMHC as examples.

Art Materials

It is important to have a variety of materials available for the creative process. Materials with different textures, smells, and sizes evoke a variety of memories, associations, and emotions for different people. Art is not just drawing a 2D image on paper. Art can be: collage, sculpture, writing. movement, or any combination of creative expressions.

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