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Project Aquarius



by Colleen Jordan

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Available in Paperback or Kindle e-book 

Drea Fox is a high school sophomore on the fringe, one who wears black and worships the paranormal. Oh, and Drea has these dreams that sometimes come true. Like the one where a silent tidal wave kills everyone. Drea’s normal Monday morning is interrupted when a deranged member of the Project Aquarius genetics lab makes a last minute adjustment to an electromagnetic experiment. And boom—ninety-five percent of the U.S. population is deleted! Project Aquarius brilliantly exposes how hitting the reset button helps former troublemakers and special needs kids thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. Using prophetic dreams and powerful intuition, Drea and her misfit crew navigate their way out of devastated Boston. Drea must learn to overcome her personal demons and trust in her abilities, before a force much bigger than her determines her fate.

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