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I provide individual, family, and group therapy using a person-centered, trauma-informed, strength-based, holistic approach.


  • Relational intuitive psychotherapy

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT): mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness

  • Psychodynamic existential therapy

  • Expressive Arts Therapy:  play therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama, and other experiential methods

  • Advocacy



Children & Adolescents & Adults


  • LGBTQIA+ issues

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  • ADHD

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety/Depression/Bipolar Disorder

  • Gender & Sexuality Issues


Most of the children I see struggle in school and at home due to combination of factors. Some have anger management issues, others emotional mood swings, others struggle to be compliant with directions and authority. Therapy helps the children understand their own patterns of difficulty, the situational triggers that cause them, and how thoughts and feelings are connected to behavior.




Adults come to therapy for a variety of reasons that indicate an imbalance in their life, something they would like to change. Reasons include: anxiety, depression, work stress, grief, sexuality issues, relationship difficulty, chronic dissatisfaction, obsessions, perfectionism, fatigue, chronic pain or illness, trauma history, or stress of managing family responsibilities.

Expressive Art Therapy


Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art making, within a professional relationship, by people who experience illness, trauma, or challenges in living, and by people who seek personal development. According to the American Art Therapy association,

"Research in the field confirms that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to become more physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and functional, resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, handle life adjustments, and achieve insight."



Phone sessions and video appointments are available for those with barriers to getting to an in-person session.: people located outside of Berkshire county, families without transportation, people with a disability, people affected by inclement weather, those who are traveling, or people not ready for an in-person session.




  • ​Behavioral intervention plans for home or school

  • Attending service meetings for state agencies, community based supports, or schools

  • Representing and supporting you at meetings

  • Psychoeduaction for other providers

  • Advocacy

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