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The Nonlationship

by Colleen Jordan

Available in digital copy for download on Amazon Kindle

Ellis has dated them all: straight women, gay men, herds of the emotionally unavailable. She finds herself in therapy amidst a quarter life crisis, after spending years in unfulfilling relationships with both men and women. Together with her therapist Phil, she recounts her romantic history uncovering a pattern of attracting exciting but rejecting partners. Whether they are men who fear intimacy, closeted lesbians, or people currently in other relationships, Ellis unfailingly falls for the wrong person. Phil opens Ellis to the possibility that her suffering comes from reenacting something called the repetition compulsion, a psychological phenomena that defines the moment a moth is drawn to a flame. Fighting against her negative dating pattern and her poor body image, Ellis is not sure if she has the strength to give up her attraction to romantic poison even with Phil's support.

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